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@KonstantinosSykas KonstantinosSykas released this Aug 27, 2018 · 96 commits to master since this release

The next version of Oolite is being developed, with frequent changes. If you would like to try out the latest code, and give us feedback on the new features, then you can find here the links to the nightly builds relevant to your architecture.

Nightly builds of the latest source are available for testers and are not recommended for regular play. Before using them, it is strongly advised to frequently take backups of any user files (e.g. save games, add-ons, snapshots etc.). Nightly builds represent the cutting edge in Oolite development and may at any time contain serious bugs, prototype features, and other unstable code. There are no guarantees about their functionality and they are produced for testing purposes only. People wishing to just play the game are advised to download the latest official release instead.

Changes from previous successful build 4287a8e to e639490
e639490 phkb Mon Aug 27 08:26:10 2018 +1000 Added 'use strict' to script file
a128363 phkb Mon Aug 27 08:10:07 2018 +1000 Another default shader small bug fix
b526cff AnotherCommander Sun Aug 26 20:33:33 2018 +0200 Light source color is now mixed with material specular if material is non-metal, not mixed if metal. Looks like we can deprecate IOR this way.

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