Test to see if you can use Twitter as a CMS
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#Twitter CMS

An experiment to see if a website can be updated in real time just using tweets.


The idea stems from my days working in bars and playing in bands. It's hard to find the time to keep a full website updated with the most upto date news. Hence the idea for this. A website can be linked to the owners Twitter account which will display info based on set heshtags from tweets.

The content is currently pulled from tweets from this account and, using Firebase's real time database, updates the content in the website in real time. The backend is constantly connected to the twitter account (using the streaming API and Twit module) and, in this case, is listening for 3 specific hashtags, #bands, #updates and #images.
It also pulls the user name, headline and location from Twitter. This can easily be changed and expanded to fit the needs of the user.

Issues and Todo's

User info is currently re-written with every tweet. Needs to only be when the profile info is updated.

Basic benchmarking put the pulling of all the info from Firebase at just under 1s (literally about 997ms). Need to add some spinners or loading markers.

Need some way of ordering results by date (for the #bands tag)

Tech Stack

React & Redux


Twit Module


The current app state can be found here