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Simple helper script for various Let's Encrypt clients. Developed for GetSSL, tested with Debian Stretch. Should work with Ubuntu too.

Initial setup

Download or clone the archive and extract it to a new folder.

git clone

Copy the example config file config/.inwx.ini to ~/.inwx.ini and insert your credentials. If enabled, enter your TOTP/2FA shared secret. Don't forget to check file permissions! (recommended: 0600)

chmod 0600 ~/.inwx.ini

Run it for the first time and check the functionality:

# Add the TXT record
# with value "test" and set TTL to 300 seconds:
./scripts/acme-dns-inwx "" "test"

# Check your nameserver: (wait some time)
dig TXT "" +short

# Delete the TXT record
./scripts/acme-dns-inwx --del ""

Take a look at the wiki for more examples.

Important: This project is not affiliated with INWX GmbH!

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