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Welcome to Project OpMon Lazuli!

OpMon is a Pokémon-inspired game project imagined in 2012 and started in september 2016. Quite a long and unstable development since we were beginners at the time: we started in high school, and now we’re in university. The project has been restarted multiple times, but we decided it’s time to finish it once and for all so we switched from C++ to Godot: this was the final reboot.


The project is fully open source! The spirit of the development is that anyone can participate and add their trace: places, OpMons, moves, items, characters… You can obviously also praticipate to the code. For more information about how to contriubute, read this document.


How to play the game?

While the game is not really playable, we won’t give executables. However, if you’re really interested in playing the game anyways, you can still install Godot and open the project within the editor.

Contact Us

English is not our native language, but we do our best! If you see some mistakes, don’t hesitate to tell us so we won’t make them again!