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Welcome to OpMon's Project

OpMon is a project which have for purpose to propose freely a game inspired of the Nintendo's famous license Pokémon. This project comes from a fan game started in September 2016 and imaginated in 2012. OpMon is totally free and open source. This allows the bigger fans to realize their most crazy dreams. You can create OpMons, attacks, items, and many other things! You have just to submit your modifications to us and maybe we will accept them and add them to the game. You can build the game with this file. If you are searching for the documentation, it is here (Sorry, it isn't complete now but you can help to complete it with the commentaries presents in the code). This wiki is used to give information about the projet, it's purpose is not to create a game's guide.
Sorry if there is some english errors, this is not our native language, we do our best! But don't hesitate to tell us our errors, so we won't make them again!
Have a good time!
Cyriel, OpMon's project creator.

If you have any questions, you can ask them on our discord server or on IRC in the #OpMon channel on Freenode ! The commonalities and differences with Pokemon are available here.

Who are you ?

On this project, we are two principal creators :

  • Cyriel, project's creator, programmer, main maintener, and many other things
  • Navet56, the game and graphic designer, who have help the project since his beginning

But we are many other on this project, you can see the full list here. If you participate to the project, your name will be added here if you want!

Old creator:

  • Aerzia, a big contributor who has quit the project

To contribute

You can see all the things to know here

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