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1* Developing

You need a basic version of eclipse 3.7 (Indigo).
The plugin relies only on eclipse feature and doesn't use external source.
Given so the classic "run" command in eclipse in enough to launch the plugin.

2* Serious refactoring todo

- The "opaide.editors.builder.OpaProgramLaunchDelegate" is a copy and paste of 
  the eclipse class 
  The reason is: we need to have an access to the launched process and his
  console output to parse the opa compiler message.
  Recoding from scratch this class can be a solution.
  OR the extension point:
  can be used to resolve this problem.

- the plugin is 'stealing' some eclipse class for GUI (like 
  'opaide.editors.builder.OpaProgramBuilderTabGroup', ...). Recoding this views
  is possible but take time.

- a lot of code could be remove if the simplify marker system is good enough
  in "OpaMessageBank"

3* Annoying unresolved bug

The "OpaProjectNature" class in used when a new Opa project is created. With 
this, the "configure" method must be called automatically by eclipse when we 
setup the project in
(~ project.setDescription(description, null); ).

My guess is that as we reuse the "BasicNewProjectResourceWizard" and it mess
thing a little. A fix could be to re-implement this class from scratch.