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BUILD: Value Restriction Error #4

ticup opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I'm trying to build this on MacOsX 10.6 with Opa 1.1.0, but I get the following error:

Error: File "opa-watch.opa", line 49, characters 13-1132, (49:13-79:3 | 1330-2449)
Value restriction error
This expression is not generalizable but it has type
  list(CommandLine.parser({avoid_dir : list(string);
                            avoid_ext : list(string);
                            command : list(string);
                            directory : string;
                            launch : bool;
                            notifier : {none} / {notify_send} /
                                         {terminal_notifier} / ...;
                            opa_opt : string; ...})) .



I'm trying to build this on Ubuntu 12.10 with Opa 1.1.0 and go the same error...


Same on Ubuntu 13.04 with Opa 1.1.1

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