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Dev Log Week #4 - January 1-6
2019-01-06 10:37 -0500

The Changes:

  • You can now save notes!
  • Notes load & sync locally using SQLite3
  • Created SQLManager class and unit-tests for it.
  • You can change the hierarchy of notebooks
  • File>>New - a new way to create notes, notebooks and tags
  • Creation shortcut keys - New Note (Ctrl+n), New Notebook (Ctrl+Shift+n), New Tag (Ctrl+Alt+n).

This marks a very important milestone. The main functionality in the desktop app is complete. I will now begin working on connecting the back-end API with the desktop app.

After that is complete I only really have to iron out some bugs and add a settings page.

As for bugs, it's mainly all on improving the reliability of the Escriba text editor. This means creating more unit-tests to ensure that bi-directional rich-text/markdown conversion is consistent.

As for the settings page, I would like to provide some useful features for users to customize the desktop app. There won't be a ton of customization in the first version of the app but will be more in-depth later on.

Stay tuned for a pre-alpha release - where you can start playing around with Escriba and sending over feature requests.