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This is a C++/Qt library to connect to the Vibrato Back-End API server
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Vibrato API Client Library in Qt

This library provides a Qt/C++ interface to the Vibrato Notes cloud API.

Example usage:

VibratoCloudAPI api;

 * Note: While this function uses your username and password,
 *       it does not actually store them on the computer.
 *       Your username and password are used in HTTP Basic
 *       Authentication to retrieve and API token. This token
 *       is what is used to make requests. This library does
 *       not store your API key on your computer for you.
 *       That is up to you.
api.login("test-user", "vibratonotes");

QJsonObject obj;
obj.insert("title", "Hello from C++!");
qDebug() << api.createNote(obj);

QJsonObject my_notes = api.fetchNotes();
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