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The Official Repository for the Desktop Version of Vibrato Notes
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Vibrato Notes Desktop Client

To compile & run


1.) Clone this repository.

git clone

2.) Pull submodules

git submodule update --init --recursive --remote

3.) Compile MarkdownPanda

  • cd src/text-editor/markdownpanda
  • sh

4.) Compile the project

Option A: Use Qt Creator

There are two ways to compile this project. The easiest is to open in Qt Creator.

Option B: Use

My favorite way to compile this project is to run the bash script This badass little script will additionally generate a compile_commands.json if you have bear installed.
A tool for compiling your project and generating a compile_commands.json.

  * View the help screen:
    ./ --help

  * General Usage:

  * Clean your build:
    ./ clean

Environmental Variables:
    Directory for project to be created
    --Defaults to "build/"

    Keep in mind that build/ is recommended because it
    is also gitignored. Also note that if your specified
    path does not exist, it will be recursively created.

    Custom qmake command. (ex: "qmake-qt5")
    --Defaults to "qmake"
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