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Full release of the Open Bionics Ada robotic hand control firmware for the Almond board
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Open Bionics - Artichoke

Open Bionics Robotics is the Open Source branch of the Open Bionics company, in Included in this repositry;

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit

Artichoke Release Notes

Version	|	Date		|	Notes
V1.0.0	|	08/01/16	|	Initial release for Ada hand and Almond boards using Atmega 2560
V1.0.1	|	03/02/16	|	Modified formatting and cleaned up
V1.1.0	|	31/03/16	|	Added research and HANDle mode. Fixed motorEn and muscle graph
V1.1.1	|	17/05/16	|	Increased PWM timer freq to prevent hum and implemented customDelay() instead of delay()		
V1.2.0	|	22/08/16	|	Re-written EMG control (now allows both 1 & 2 channel control)

Artichoke Description

	- Simple hand control software designed to run on the Open Bionics Almond hand controller
	- Uses FingerLib.h for low level finger control, which allows fingers to be treated as servos
	- Can be controlled via the following methods:
		- Serial control (baud 38400)
		- Muscle control (EMG)
		- HANDle control (Nunchuck)
	- Uses either inbuilt ADC or external I2C ADC for muscle sensing and hand control
	- Enter '?' to view available serial commands
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