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ocp by Open Catalyst Project

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ocp is the Open Catalyst Project's library of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms for catalysis.

It provides training and evaluation code for tasks and models that take arbitrary chemical structures as input to predict energies / forces / positions, and can be used as a base scaffold for research projects. For an overview of tasks, data, and metrics, please read our papers:

Projects developed on ocp:


See installation instructions.

Download data

Dataset download links and instructions are in

Train and evaluate models

A detailed description of how to train and evaluate models, run ML-based relaxations, and generate EvalAI submission files can be found in

Our evaluation server is hosted on EvalAI. Numbers (in papers, etc.) should be reported from the evaluation server.

Interactive tutorial notebooks can be found here to get familiar with various components of the codebase.

Pretrained model weights

We provide several pretrained model weights for download here.


For all non-codebase related questions and to keep up-to-date with the latest OCP announcements, please join the discussion board.

All code-related questions and issues should be posted directly on our issues page.



ocp is released under the MIT license.

Citing ocp

If you use this codebase in your work, please consider citing:

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