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openEO API

openEO develops an open API to connect R, Python and JavaScript clients to big Earth observation cloud back-ends in a simple and unified way. This repository contains this API, the openEO (core) API.

Versions / Branches

The master branch is the 'stable' version of the openEO API specification. It is currently version 1.0.1 of the specification. The draft branch is where active development takes place.

Version / Branch Status Description
draft planned Unstable - Next version.
1.0.1 current Clarifications, bugfixes and CORS improvements. Changelog.
1.0.0 legacy First stable version of openEO. Changelog.
1.0.0-rc.2 legacy Introduced user-defined processes. Changelog.
1.0.0-rc.1 legacy Better UDF support, support for file import, support for processing logs, better alignment with STAC and upcoming OGC APIs. Removes WebSocket-based Subscription API. Changelog
0.4.2 legacy Bugfix release. Changelog.
0.4.1 legacy Bugfix release. Changelog.
0.4.0 legacy Improved discovery, added processes catalogue, new process graph structure. Changelog.
0.3.1 legacy Bugfix release. Changelog.
0.3.0 legacy Major rework.
0.0.2 legacy Proof of concept, implemented.
0.0.1 legacy First draft with basic ideas, loosely implemented.

See also the changelog and the milestones for a rough roadmap based on GitHub issues.


This repository contains a set of files formally describing the openEO API, each with a human-readable and easily browseable version:

  • openapi.yaml provides the OpenAPI 3.0 definition of the openEO API. See the table above for human-readable versions of the OpenAPI definition.
  • errors.json is a list of potential global error codes and messages, excluding specific exceptions separately available for each process.
  • The assets folder contains some useful additional files such as examples or schemas. All of these are non-binding additions. The source of truth are the top-level specification files.