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Open Model Based Engineering Environment


Welcome to OpenMBEE

OpenMBEE (Open Model Based Engineering Environment) is an open source collaborative engineering system. It enables engineers to work in the language of their choice and easily share and document their work across other tools.

OpenMBEE Architectures


The predecessor architecture, Execubots, stores model elements as objects in a document-oriented database, whereas Flexo provides a graph-native approach to storing and diff'ing models. Models in Flexo are not limited to enterprise model development platforms. Flexo can store anything expressed as RDF.

Relevant Repositories (repositories relevant to this architecture are prefixed with "flexo-"):


The Execubots architecture allows Systems Engineers to develop models in their enterprise model development platform and publish aspects of the model to the web.

Relevant Repositories (repositories relevant to this architecture are prefixed with "exec-"):

Example Models

SysML v1 example models.



  1. exec-cameo-mdk exec-cameo-mdk Public

    Cameo plugin for MMS sync and DocGen

    Java 50 29

  2. exec-ve exec-ve Public

    Web Client Application designed to enable users to interact with Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) models

    JavaScript 38 24

  3. Comodo Comodo Public

    COMODO2 is a Java tool that allows to transform a UML/SysML model into code for different software platforms.

    Java 25 5

  4. flexo-mms-deployment flexo-mms-deployment Public

    Example docker compose and k8s files for deployment of Flexo MMS services

    Python 3 1

  5. flexo-mms-layer1-service flexo-mms-layer1-service Public

    Kotlin 3 1

  6. exec-mmsri exec-mmsri Public

    Open Source Reference Implementation for MMS Execubots

    Java 3 7


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