OpenMBEE public server information

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NoMagic is hosting a publicly accessible modeling infrastructure for open source projects.

The infrastructure consists currently of:

  • Teamwork Cloud Server -
  • Model Management Repository and View Editor -

The View Editor web application can be reached here: There is a guest account which allows you to view content in read-only mode: openmbeeguest/guest

  • Login

  • Select organization and project

  • Select document

  • Browse document

  • Change password (video)

MMS Password Change

The Teamwork Cloud server can be reached from a MagicDraw Client with: It requires ssl certificates installed on the MagicDraw Client side. Copy and paste the two cert files, cert.pass and cert.jks, into your Magic Draw, or Cameo Systems Modeler, installation "MagicDraw/certs" directory. You require as a client MagicDraw 18.5 SP2/SP3 to login.

The TWC server provides a guest account, which provides read-only access to the available projects: openmbeeguest/guest

  • Login

  • Browse projects

Using the Model Development Kit (MDK) allows you to perform coordinated synchronizations between TWC and MMS/VE. It requires the MDK plugin to be installed. Import the MDK plugin via the Resources/Plug-in Manager under the Help menu. Once you have imported the MDK plugin you will need to re-start MD You should now see the MDK and MMS menu items to the left of the Help menu in your MD client. Select the MMS/Login menu item and log into the openMBEE MMS server using your openMBEE MMS user name and password.

In order to upload or sync a project with TWC and MMS you need to apply the <<ModelManagementSystem>> stereotype to your model top-level element and set the MMS URL in its properties. The MMS URL to be configured is:

For requests to create organizations and projects on the server contact Jason Wilson ( This is the server's organization

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