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Reentry resources site that can be easily replicated and updated across multiple NC counties
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Reentry Resources Hub

The Reentry Resources Hub is intended to help those returning to the community after a period of incarceration or suffering the consequences of a criminal conviction on their record. We originally built the Buncombe Reentry Resources Hub covering a single county. This project scales that resource to every county in North Carolina.


This repository contains code for both server and client. To develop on your local machine, you will need to install node, yarn and postgresql. A recent version of ```node`` is required (version >= 7.6).

On a Mac OSX machine, you may install the dependencies using Homebrew. Once you have Homebrew installed, run the following commands:

    brew install node
    brew install yarn
    brew install postgresql

Next, clone this repository (or a fork of this repository) and install dependencies:

    git clone
    cd reentry-resources-hub

The descriptions and resource information are stored in a database on AWS. Open an issue and mention @ejaxon to obtain credentials or learn how to create a copy of the database. Once you have your username and password, copy the server.env.example file to .env and replace the placeholder text with your username and password.

You may then run the site locally by running:

    yarn start

The application is running at http://localhost:3000/. The server is also running, but at http://localhost:3001/.

Deployment -- NOT VERIFIED

In one terminal, run node server/index.js. In another terminal, run yarn build or npm run build.

If you want to push the contents of the build folder to GitHub pages, run yarn deploy.

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