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Open Power System Data: Aggregated Generation Capacity by Technology and Country

About this data package

This is data package of aggregated generation capacities for European countries. It includes generation capacities for nuclear, fossil and renewable fuels on an aggregated and, if possible, disaggregated technology levels. The data mostly reflects the years 2013 and 2014.

Its final output is a list of national generation capacities differentiated by input fuels and technologies, as well as by different data sources.

Data Sources

The raw data is based on an extensive research of available national and international statistics. Due to the diverse structure of data sources, a compiled and structured dataset is used as input for further processing. Generally, two cross-national data sources are considered, complemented by national data sources.

The cross-national data sources are:

Beside this, the data is complemented by national sources, which includes national statistical offices, ministries, regulatory authorities, transmission system operators, as well as other associations. All data sources are listed in the generated datapackage.json file including their link.

Links to Notebooks

The following notebooks are used to process the input data:


The scripts in this data package are published under the MIT license.