Script to obtain weather data from NASA's MERRA-2 dataset (subsetting, downloading, processing)
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Weather Data Package

This script contains code that allows the download, subset and processing of MERRA-2 datasets (provided by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) and export them as CSV. See main.ipynb for more details.


The scripts in this datapackage are published under the MIT license The scripts in this datapackage are developed by the project Open Power System Data (OPSD)

State of the script:

The script is still in development. It is currently working. The next step will be adding support for more datasets and more weather variables.

How to use the script:

To download MERRA-2 data, you have to register at NASA earth data portal 1. Register an account at 2. Go to my applications and add NASA GESDISC DATA ARCHIVE 3. Input your username and password when requested by the script