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Open Seat

Civic Engagement Launchpad 2017, Open Seat Finder


First, you'll need to install NodeJS. Great, now you're ready!

Install dependencies. You'll want to do this every time you git pull.

$ npm install

Now, you can start the development server:

$ npm start

Open your browser to localhost:8081. Hot reloading is enabled, so as you change the code, you'll see the browser update in real-time.

Deploying to GitHub Pages

Deployments work like this:

  1. Compile and minify all files (npm run dist).
  2. Push the dist folder to the gh-pages branch.

This process is automated by running:

$ npm run deploy

Installing NodeJS

If you're on a Mac, I'd recommend installing with homebrew.

$ brew install nodejs

If you're on a PC, there's actually two steps:

  1. Stop using a PC.
  2. Just kidding. There's an installer. But seriously, get a grip.

Once you've installed it, make sure you've got a recent version. Anything 6+ should be fine.

$ node --version