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OnePlus Oxygen OS Expand In China 氧OS国内扩展包

The weather app of OxygenOS is provided by the AccuWeather. But in fact, the domestic app is more appropriate for our daily use and it can’t be denied that OnePlus Weather is pure and adless, which is a good choice to consider.

It’s true that Gboard is a good IME but comparatively speaking, in Chinese inputting, domestic input methods is more user-friendly. So we decided to add the Baidu IME for OnePlus. You can get access to it by Settings – System – Languages & Input-Virtual Keyboard – Manage Keyboards.

The recorder of OxygenOS gets no access to record the phone record.




Planning to Support 计划支持


Amap Positioning Service – We would discuss it later, after all, it’s not such an easy thing to revise the very basic bottom.


Screen Recorder – I’m not sure if it’s supported by Oxygen OS and we’ll see later.

Acknowledgements of fellow friends as follows 特别感谢以下人员作出的贡献

Phone Recorder, via @nipunnarang

@联盟少侠 from coolapk

@夕风晨雨 from coolapk

Feedback 问题反馈

Update Log 更新日志

-V1.0.3 移除录音APK文件,已经不需要了,减少文件体积

-V1.0.3 removed the Recorder apk, lessening the occupation of file volume

-V1.0.2 修复通话录音丢失的问题,研究来自@nipunnarang

-V1.0.2 fixed the bug of phone recordings losing, via @nipunnarang

-V1.0.1 新增录音机(含通话录音),百度输入法一加专版输入不用愁干净无广告

-V1.0.1 added Recorder (phone recorder included), Baidu IME for OnePlus, no ads to concern

-V1.0.0 初始版本 更改ID 符合magisk规范。

-V1.0.0 original version, changed the ID to correspond to the norms of the magisk

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