Devoxx 2012 Tweet analysis with elasticsearch
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Devoxx 2012 – Live Tweets indexed by Elasticsearch

Welcome to Devoxx 2012


  1. Install Elasticsearch
  2. Install Twitter River Plugin
  3. Launch Elasticsearch
  4. Create the river
  5. Use the JQuery application to search

Step by step guide

Install Elasticsearch

Very easy :

  1. Download Elasticsearch 0.19.2
  2. Unzip it

Install Twitter River Plugin

Just do :

bin/plugin -install elasticsearch/elasticsearch-river-twitter/1.1.0

Launch Elasticsearch

Just do :


Create the river

Simply curl the river.
Note that you will have to provide your twitter account credentials.

You can create a Twitter Application and then read your credentials to replace them below.

curl -XPUT http://localhost:9200/_river/devoxx2012/_meta -d '{
	"type" : "twitter",
	"twitter" : {
		"oauth" : {
			"consumerKey" : "yourConsumerKey",
			"consumerSecret" : "yourConsumerSecret",
			"accessToken" : "yourAccessToken",
			"accessTokenSecret" : "yourAccessTokenSecret"
		"filter" : {
			"tracks" : ["devoxx"],
			"follow" : [63578554]
	"index" : {
		"index" : "devoxx2012",
		"type" : "tweet",
		"bulk_size" : 1

This river will listen to the Twitter Hose and index everything that contains the terms devoxx and follow every tweet by @devoxx account (63578554).

Launch the demo

  1. Download Devoxx Demo
  2. Unzip it
  3. Launch index.html in Chrome and wait for tweets !