Component based on jest client which connect mule esb and an elastic search cluster
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It's a simple component using the Jest client which allow you to connect mule esb and an elastic search cluster. To use it , you just have to add jar got with a mvn package command and add it to the classpath of your mule application.

pre-requisites Java 1.6

| Mule Elastic Search Plugin | ElasticSearch       |
| master                     | 0.19.11 -> master   |
| 0.1                        | 0.19.11 -> master   |

How to use it

In a mule flow application, you can use the ElasticSearchConnector class with the following instruction :

   <component doc:name="Elastic Search Connector">
      <singleton-object class="org.mule.elasticsearch.ElasticSearchConnector"  >
            <property key="clusterAddress" value="${}"/>
       	 <property key="indexName" value="${mule.indexName.value}"/>
       	 <property key="indexType" value="${mule.indexType.value}"/>

In your, you'll have to define the following properties:

|    |
|mule.indexName.value=indexName                        |
|mule.indexType.value=indexType                        |

Supported operation

  • For the moment this component wait for a json document to index it in the index specified in the property file.
  • It can also creates an index and a type with an array of two specified values.