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Creating a re-qualification plan #359

StephanSchaller opened this issue Jul 12, 2019 · 1 comment


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commented Jul 12, 2019

Is there any guide or simplified workflow (supporting scripts) to create a re-qualification plan conveniently?


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commented Jul 12, 2019

1. Install VSCode (Visual Studio Code)

download UserInstaller or SystemInstaller from

2. If you are behind a firewall: configure firewall proxy

  • Start VSCode
  • Go to File►Preferences►Settings
  • Then go to User Settings►Application►Proxy
  • Enter your Firewall-Proxy:

3. Install the snippets file

4. Create/Edit a qualification plan

  • Create a new empty file and save it as .json (unless the file was saved as json, snippets will not work)
  • For every element of a qualification plan (project, plot, section, input) there is a predefined code snippet, which will create a skeleton of this element.
  • To use a snippet, type its shortcut and press ENTER
  • The full list of qualification plan snippets is given in the table below. Parent node column describes at which places of a qualification plan a snippet can be used.
  • The first snippet to be used is always bs (bootstrap) - this will create a skeleton of a qualification plan
  • All other snippets are defined as abbreviations of "Add XYZ".
  • Full snippets list
Shortcut Description Parent node
bs Creates the skeleton for a qualification plan •ROOT
ap Add a project reference •Projects
abb Adds a building block reference. Useful to replace a building block in a project •Projects{i}/BuildingBlocks
asp Adds a building block reference. Useful to replace a building block in a project •Projects{i}/SimulationParameters
aod Adds an observed data reference. Only for external observed data sources •ObservedDataSets
ai Adds an input (reference to a building block or simulation in a given project) •Inputs
as Adds a section •Sections
•Sections/Sections …
aps Adds the default plot settings configuration (global or local) ==== GLOBAL ====
==== LOCAL ====
aas Adds the global axes settings skeleton •Plots/AxesSettings
axy Adds axes X and Y settings content (global or local) ==== GLOBAL ====
==== LOCAL ====
aap Adds an all plot entry for a simulation •Plots/AllPlots
agof Adds a GOFMergedPlot entry •Plots/GOFMergedPlots
agofg Adds a GOFMergedPlot group entry •Plots/GOFMergedPlots{i}/Groups
agofo Adds a GOFMergedPlot OutputMapping entry (to be used within a group) •Plots/GOFMergedPlots{i}/Groups{j}/OutputMappings
actp Adds a ComparisonTimeProfile entry •Plots/ComparisonTimeProfilePlots
actpo Adds a ComparisonTimeProfile OutputMapping entry •Plots/ComparisonTimeProfilePlots{i}/OutputMappings
addir Adds a DDIRatioPlot entry •Plots/DDIRatioPlots
addirg Adds a DDIRatioPlot group entry •Plots/DDIRatioPlots/Groups
addirr Adds a DDIRatioPlot ratio entry (to be used within a group) •Plots/DDIRatioPlots/Groups{i}
apkr Adds a PKRatioPlot entry •Plots/PKRatioPlots
apkrr Adds a PKRatioPlot ratio entry (to be used within a PKRatioPlot) •Plots/PKRatioPlots{i}
  • If you don't remember the shortcut of a snippet:
    • either start typing: the list of all snippets starting with this shortcut will be shown via Intellisense
    • or press CTRL+SPACE: the list of ALL snippets will be shown. Then just navigate to the right snippet and select it
  • After you inserted a skeleton via snippet: fill all the placeholders with correct information. Just start typing (don't click with the mouse!) into the first entry; once finished - press TAB to switch to the next input
  • If a value to be entered is an enumeration: click between double quotes and press CTRL+SPACE, then select from the list
  • If a Dimension/Unit pair has to be defined: select the dimension first (CTRL+SPACE), AFTER that select the unit
  • Every time when a new elment of a qualification plan was entered via snippet (or manually) and filled out: immediately check errors and warnings and correct them asap.
  • When adding a new element of NON-EMPTY array, don't forget a comma before or after inserted element. (Before when inserted as last element, after otherwise).

Some remarks regarding qualification plans

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