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PAGE 2019 PBPK Workshop

PK-Sim® & MoBi® (OSP Suite) workshop on PBPK

esqLABS is running a one-day hands-on PK-Sim® & MoBi® workshop on basic concepts in PBPK on Tuesday 11th of June at the United Spaces Waterfront in Stockholm, Sweden as a satellite meeting to PAGE 2019. The workshop covers age-dependent PK, population simulations and drug-drug-interactions (DDI) in PBPK modeling using PK-Sim for DMPK, pediatric and geriatric investigations by leveraging physiological and mechanistic knowledge for translational modeling in your drug R&D program. During hands-on exercises you will learn how to:

  • Build a PBPK model in PK-Sim and compare to observed data
  • Learn how to consider age-dependency in drug PK in PK-Sim (Pediatrics and Geriatrics)
  • Conduct population simulations in PK-Sim and MoBi
  • Learn how to model drug-drug interactions in PK-Sim (DDI)

and, if time permits:

  • Conduct parameter identifications in PK-Sim and MoBi
  • Simulate your PBPK model in R

This workshop will be held by consultants & scientists from esqlabs GmbH with extensive experience in the use of PK-Sim® & MoBi® in all application areas.

While the workshop does not require any prior experience with PK-Sim® & MoBi®, many topics will be of interest even for advanced users.


To register for the workshop, please visit EventBrite.

The workshop is currently restricted to 20 participants.

Registration includes coffee- and lunch breaks.


As a use-case for above learnings, we will develop PBPK models for different small molecule drugs as use-cases for modeling drug-drug interactions and the concepts of age-related PK, in detail:

Time (Tuesday June 11) Topic
9:00 Welcome and getting everyone started (solving IT issues)
9:30 Lecture: Introduction to PBPK modeling and the OSP Suite (PK-Sim® & MoBi®)
10:00 Hands-On: Setting up a simple PBPK model
10:45 Coffee Break
11:00 Lecture: General concepts of PBPK modeling
11:30 Lecture: PBPK for drug-drug interactions (DDI) with PK-Sim®
12:00 Lunch Break
13:00 Hands-On: Modeling drug-drug interactions (DDI) with PK-Sim®
14:45 Lecture: Special populations – pediatrics and elderly
15:15 Coffee Break
15:30 Hands-On: Age Dependence of Pharmacokinetics (Population Simulations)
16:30 Wrap-up and Q & A
17:00 END


BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOPS! We will be doing hands-on work!

  • To download the software, please click here
  • Download & install the R distribution (Ver 3.5+) from here
  • Download & install FREE RStudio Desktop (a GUI for R with additional functionalities for e.g. debugging and code visualization) from here
  • For starters, please check out the tutorial site (videos & hands-on) here


  • Please add this site to your watchlist (very top of page) to be informed of any changes.

Visit our News & Events Section for info on additional workshops in the future and news on our future developments in physiologically-based quantitative-systems-pharmacology.

Best Regards,

Stephan Schaller
(Managing Director, esqLABS GmbH)

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