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Release Notes for the Open Systems Pharmacology Software Suite 7.4

Important note – read BEFORE installation

User Template Database migration from 7.3 (and below) to 7.4 and above

New features

64bit Support

All OSP Suite components (PK-Sim, MoBi, InstallationValidator, Toolboxes for Matlab and R) are now provided in the 64-bit version only. Development of the 32-bit version has stopped.


The OSP Suite documentation was transferred into “wiki style” online version and is available via https://docs.open-systems-pharmacology.org/
Like in any “wiki”, changes can be proposed by everybody
(s. https://docs.open-systems-pharmacology.org/how-to-contribute for details)

New versions of Matlab and R

  • OSP Suite Matlab Toolbox supports Matlab 2017b or later
  • OSP Suite R Toolbox supports R 3.5 (64 bit)

Fixed issues and Improvements

PK-Sim and MoBi



MoBi Toolbox for Matlab

MoBi Toolbox for R

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