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Release Notes for the Open Systems Pharmacology Suite 7.1.0

New Features

Elderly ICRP Population

New elderly ICRP data integrated (based on the publication http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s40262-016-0422-3).

Comprehensive, knowledge-driven database extension to encompass the full course of healthy aging from young adulthood through to the age of 100 years. The elderly PBPK platform combined with age-related information on pathway or target abundance changes can be applied to develop novel treatment strategies. Such a database allows a diversification of age- and/or disease-related physiological alterations.


Enhanced Protein Model

The current parameterization of the model replaces the generic protein PBPK model available in PK-Sim since version 4.2. The new parameterization includes the following changes:

  • The lymph and fluid recirculation flow rates of the organs are re-fitted and are now proportional to the plasma flow and the lymph flow of the respective organs.
  • The properties of the vascular endothelium of bone have now the standard values for continuous endothelium. This improves the distribution behavior for antibodies in humans.
  • Drug uptake into the endosomal space occurs now only from plasma. Also, the drug-FcRn complex is recycled only to plasma. This prevents net extravasation via the endosome. With this parameterization, there is a clear separation for the mechanism of extravasation (described by the two-pore model) and endosomal clearance/FcRn mediated recycling.
  • New literature values are used for the hydraulic conductivity of some organs.

A publication in a peer reviewed journals is in preparation.

The new parameterization affects the building blocks for individuals/populations and for compounds. Existing building blocks and simulations within projects created with version 7.0 or previous remain as they are, i.e. the old parameterization is kept.


A rabbit model was included that can be employed in preclinical development and applications in environmental risk assessments. The rabbit PBPK model was developed and evaluated with available literature data. Model predictions involve scenarios of both intravenous (i.v.) and oral (p.o.) administrations of small and large compounds.

A publication in a peer reviewed journals is in preparation.

New Installation Validator Tool

A validation of the Open Systems Pharmacology Suite installation is performed to ensure that the Suite works fully as intended when installed in the computing environment.
The key functionalities are tested through comparison of reference simulation outputs with locally calculated simulation outputs for a set of predefined test simulations.

The validation report will include:

  • overall validation result (Valid/Invalid)
  • validation result for every test simulation (Valid/Invalid)
  • summary of the deviations for every Invalid simulation (numerical values and comparison plots)
  • information about installed software versions and local computing environment
  • selected comparison plots for every Valid simulation

Fixed issues and Improvements

PK-Sim and MoBi



MoBi Toolbox for Matlab