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Appendix A.

A.1. Dimensions and Base Units

Here you find an overview of all dimensions with their base units. Default display units are listed, where deviating from base units.

A.1. All dimensions and base units

Dimension Base unit Deviating default display unit
Abundance per mass protein µmol/kg mic. protein pmol/mg mic. protein
Abundance per tissue µmol/kg tissue pmol/g tissue
Age in years year(s)
Age in weeks week(s)
Amount µmol
Amount per time µmol/min
Area dm² cm²
AUC (mass) kg*min/l µg*min/l
AUC (molar) µmol*min/l
BMI kg/dm² kg/m²
CL per mass protein l/min/kg mic. protein µl/min/mg mic. protein
CL per recombinant enzyme l/min/µmol rec. enzyme µl/min/pmol rec. enzyme
Concentration (mass) kg/l mg/l
Concentration (molar) µmol/l
Concentration (molar) per time µmol/l/min
Compliance l/(kg/(dm*min²)) ml/mmHg
Count x10^6 x10^6
Count per mass x10^6/kg x10^6/g
Count per volume x10^6/l x10^6/ml
Density kg/dm³ g/cm³
Diffusion coefficient dm²/min cm²/min
Dose per body weight kg/kg mg/kg
Energy kg*dm²/min² kcal
Flow l/min
Flow per weight organ l/min/kg organ ml/min/100g organ
Flow per weight l/min/kg ml/min/kg
Flow² (l/min)²
Hydraulic conductivity l/min/(kg*dm/min²) ml/min/N
Inversed length 1/dm 1/cm
Inversed mol 1/µmol 1/mol
Inversed time 1/min
Inversed volume 1/l
Length dm cm
Log Units Log Units
Mass kg
Mass per tissue kg/kg mg/g
Molecular weight kg/µmol g/mol
Pressure kg/(dm*min²) mmHg
Resistance kg/(dm*min²)*min/l mmHg*s/ml
Resolution pts/min pts/h
RT (kg*dm/min²)*dm/µmol N*cm/mol
Second order rate constant l/µmol/min
Slope l/(kg/(dm*min²))/dm² ml/mmHg/m²
Time min h
Velocity dm/min cm/min
Viscosity min/l s/ml
Vmax per mass protein µmol/min/kg mic. protein pmol/min/mg mic. protein
Vmax per weight organ tissue µmol/min/kg tissue
Vmax per recombinant enzyme µmol/min/µmol rec. enzyme nmol/min/pmol rec. enzyme
Vmax per transporter µmol/min/µmol transporter nmol/min/pmol transporter
Volume l
Volume per body weight l/kg ml/kg