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Getting Started

Software and Hardware Requirements

OS Windows 7®, Windows 8®, Windows 10®, Windows Server 2008 R2®, Windows Server 2012 R2®, Windows Server 2016®
Processor minimum 1 GHz (the faster, the better)
Memory 2 GB RAM, 3+ GB recommended
Disk space minimum 2 GB
Optional software
Matlab® version 2013b or later - 32bit
versions 3.3 or later - 32bit

Information provided above refers to the core components of the Open Systems Pharmacology Suite including PK-Sim®, MoBi®. Both, PK-Sim® and MoBi® can be installed as stand-alone software packages to reduce the disk space required.

{% hint style="warning" %} The Open Systems Pharmacology Suite includes interfaces to MS Excel®, Matlab® (version 2013b or later - 32 bit ) and R (version 3.3 or later, 32 bit). These are separate programs that are not available within the Open Systems Pharmacology Suite. You need to have these programs installed in order to use their interfaces! {% endhint %}

Trademark Information

Excel® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Inc., Redmond, USA; R is a product of the R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria; Matlab® is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc., Natick, USA.

Installation and Update

Core Components

{% hint style="warning" %} To correctly install the software, administrator rights are necessary. If you do not have these rights, your IT-administrator should carry out the installation. {% endhint %}

{% hint style="info" %} The modular structure of the Open Systems Pharmacology Suite is explained in Modules, Philosophy, and Building Blocks. Both PK-Sim® and MoBi® can be installed stand-alone. However, to obtain full modeling and simulation capabilities, we recommend that both programs are installed. {% endhint %}

{% hint style="warning" %} MoBi® Toolbox for Matlab® is currently only working with the 32- bit version of Matlab®. {% endhint %}

To install the Open Systems Pharmacology Suite core components:

  1. Download installation packages from

  2. Start the OSPSuite-Full.X.Y.Z.exe* (where X.Y.Z is a program version, e.g. 7.4.0) from the menu Start -> Run or from Windows Explorer.

  3. Follow the instructions of the installation program. In most cases, the installation should be carried out with the default settings.

  4. In most cases, you will have to restart your computer following installation.

  5. Download PK-Sim® gene expression databases and copy it to a folder accessible for all users.

  6. Configure PK-Sim® gene expression databases (for details see PK-Sim® - Options).

Third Party Tools

Besides the core components of the Open Systems Pharmacology Suite including PK-Sim®, MoBi®, interfaces are available for MS Excel®, Matlab® and R. For purchasing and installation options, please contact the suppliers indicated in section, “Trademark information”.

Help: Contact, discussion forum, bug reporting, ...

Additional information on the software is available on

For support, bug reports, etc. please contact The help you are currently reading is available embedded in the software in PDF-format.