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Conversion Tracking

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Web site conversion events can be tracked by setting up "goals" and conversion funnels. Conversion goals are web pages that represent a conversions on your web site or application.

Examples of conversion goals might be:

  • the "confirmation" or "receipt" page that is presented after an e-commerce purchase is made.
  • the "thank you" page shown after a form has been submitted.
  • the page shown after someone subscribes to a newsletter or mailing list.
You can define up to 15 goals per tracked web site. Goals can also be grouped into Goal Groups for reporting purposes.


Each goal can have a goal funnel associated with it. Goal Funnels are a set of pages that represent the path that you expect users to take before they accomplish a goal. Funnels are useful for determining the effectiveness of the path you have constructed for users to convert.

For an e-commerce web site a funnel might be:

  1. adding an item to the shopping cart
  2. entering shipping details
  3. selecting the payment method
  4. seeing the confirmation page (goal)

Setting Up Goals & Funnels

Goals and funnels are setup through OWA web interface and do not require any additional web page instrumentation or tagging. To setup a goal:

  1. select a web site from either the web site filter on reporting pages or from the sites roster
  2. click the Goals link to enter the interface
  3. Choose the goal that you want to define/edit
  4. Input your goal and funnel details
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