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Event Types

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OWA is an event based framework composed of a variety of event handlers that are designed to perform specific analytic/logging functions. Events are composed of an Event type and a message. An Event's message could be an array, object or any other data type.

Table of Contents

Tracking Events

The follow events are fired when certain actions relating to tracking occur. Event handler can listen for these events and performe their own actions.

Event Name Description
base.first_page_request This event is fired when a new visitor views a page.
base.page_request This event is fired when a page view occures.
base.page_request_logged This event is fired after a request event has ben written to the database.
base.new_session This event is fired whenever a new session is logged to the database .
base.session_update This event fired when an exisitng session has been updated.
base.new_comment This event is fired when a user posts a comment.
base.feed_request This event is fired whenever there is a request for an RSS/ATOM/XML feed. This event is fired when a dom click event is generated by a browser. This event occurs when a dom stream is recorded.

General Actions

Event Name Description Properties
init This event is fired after OWA has loaded its configuration and modules but before the most global framework objects have been setup.
tracking_event_processing_complete This event is fired after all processing of a new tracking event is complete but before the event has been passed to handlers or queued.
  • tracking_event_type

Handling Events

Module developers can write event handlers that can be configured to listen for one or more event types.

Creating a New Event Type

Module controllers can implement new event types.

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