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Maxmind GeoIP Module

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Maxmind GeoIP is a module that will perform geo-location lookups of a visitor's Ip address using the Maxmind GeoLite2 City database or the Maxmind GeoIP City/Isp/Org Web Service.

This module requires explicit activation in order to include geolocation data in tracking requests.


  1. Download the Maxmind GeoLite2 City database from the Maxmind website:
  2. Place the database file in a directory you create called "maxmind" within OWA's data directory (e.g. /pathto/owa/owa-data/maxmind/GeoLite2-City.mmdb).
  3. Activate the module via the CLI or Modules page in the admin interface.

Note: if you already have this particular Maxmind database installed on your server, you may specify an alternate path for OWA to use by setting the OWA_MAXMIND_DATA_DIR constant in your owa-config.php. For example:

define( 'OWA_MAXMIND_DATA_DIR', '/path/to/maxmind/data/dir/');

Maxmind GeoIP City/Isp/Org Web Service

The module may also be configured to use the Maxmind City/Isp/Org Web Service instead of a local database. To use this web service you must first purchase a web service license key from Maxmind at

Once you have obtained a key, you will need to set two settings by adding the following to your owa-config.php configuration file:

$this->set('maxmind_geoip', 'lookup_method', 'geoip_city_isp_org_web_service'); $this->set('maxmind_geoip', 'ws_license_key', 'YOUR_LICENSE_KEY');

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