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Technical Requirements

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Server Operating System

OWA should run fine under both UNIX and most Windows operating systems. However, more extensive testing has been done on UNIX operating systems.


We strongly recommend that you use PHP 7+. It's faster and safer. OWA v1.6.6 requires a minimum of PHP 5.6.

Required php.ini Directives

Certain PHP configuration settings create problems for OWA installations. The following is a list of INI settings that should be avoided:

  • ''safe mode'' directive must be set to "off'.

Required PHP Extensions

  • The ''PCNTL'' extension is required only if you plan to utilize OWA's background processing daemon (optional). Since PCNTL comes with the PHP distribution you just have to compile your PHP with the ''--enable-pcntl'' directive. See for more info on how to install the PCNTL extension.

  • The appropriate database extensions (''mysql'', ''mysqli'', etc.) are required so that PHP can access the OWA database.


OWA uses Composer to manage package dependancies. Composer is needed if you plan checkout and install from Github.


OWA requires MySQL 4.1 or later.

At this time, OWA requires that MySQL's "strict mode" be disabled.

Web Browsers

OWA supports all major versions of most web browsers including Opera, Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Certain OWA visualizations require Firefox 3.5 or later.


OWA's WordPress plugin requires WordPress version 2.8 or later.


OWA's MediaWiki plugin requires MediaWiki v1.15.x or later.

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