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FreeSWITCH's Flash phone with simplifying Javascript wrapper.
ActionScript JavaScript
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Project Overview

Takes the FreeSWITCH example flash based phone for use with thier mod_rtmp and uncouples it from the provided UI and applies custom javascript events. The goal is simplification and abstraction.


Similar to using the original FreeSWITCH flash softphone, copy the following to a webserver:


Create a page that includes swfobject.js and flashPhone.js. To create the phone:

var f = new flashPhone(<host>, <element_id_for_phone>);

To login and register:

f.login(<username>, <password>, [nickname]);

After the log is complete, events can be registered. If you need to handle onInit or onConnected events, those should be passed into the constructor:

var f = new flashPhone(<host>, <element_id_for_phone>, {
    onInit:function(){ console.log('flashPhone Initialized'); },
    onConnected:function(evt){ console.log('flashPhone connected'); }
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