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cpx:agent_state(Agent) ->
Pretty prints the agent's state.
Dump a summay of the agent, id, and state limited to the given
Pretty print the media's state.
cpx:get_queue(Queuename) -> pid()
A specific queue.
cpx:get_agent(Agentname), (AgentPidString) -> pid()
A specific Agent
cpx:get_agents(), (Profile) -> [pid()]
Every Agent currently logged in, optionally limited to those in
cpx:get_queues(), (QueueProflie) -> [pid()]
Every queue currently active, optionally limited to those in Group.
cpx:get_media(Id), (PidAsString) -> pid()
Find the media.
cpx:kick_agent(Agentname), (AgentPidString), (AgentPid) -> 'ok' | 'none'
Kill the process associated with the passed agent.
cpx:kick_call(Id), (PidAsString), (Pid) -> 'ok' | 'none'
cpx:kick_media(Id), (PidAsString), Pid) -> 'ok' | 'none'
Kill the process associated with the passed media.
cpx:is_running(SpecId) -> pid() | 'stopped' | 'noexists'
Is the spec running
cpx:help() -> 'ok'
This data.
cpx:uptime() -> non_neg_integer() | 'stopped'
cpx:uptime(true|false) -> non_neg_integer() | 'stopped'
Returns the number of seconds the application has been running. In
the second form, if the uptime can't be determined, passing 'true'
will force it to be set to util:now().
The options for finding cdrs:
type - voice, email, voicemail
mediatype - see above
older - a timestamp shows max age
younger - a timestamp shows min age
duration - max duration
length - see above
brand - either label or id
client - see above.
agent - if agent had anything to do with the cdr
callerid - partial match
callid - full match
mediaid - see above
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