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Name: openacd
Version: 0.9.5
Summary: OpenACD Call Center
Release: %{?buildno:%buildno}%{!?buildno:1}
Group: Applications/Communications
Vendor: OpenACD
Packager: Douglas Hubler
License: CPAL
AutoReqProv: no
Source: OpenACD.tar.gz
BuildRequires: erlang
# unclear how to express >= R13B04 or >= R13B-04 ?
Requires: erlang
BuildRoot: %{_builddir}/%{name}-root
#make sure prefix ends with /
Prefix: /
OpenACD is a skills-based, Call Center software based on FreeSWITCH and built in erlang.
%setup -n OpenACD
make compile
make install DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT PREFIX=%{prefix}
%dir %{prefix}/%{_lib}/openacd
%dir %{prefix}/var/lib/openacd
%dir %{prefix}/var/log/openacd
%dir %{prefix}/etc/openacd
* Thu Apr 25 2012 Cristi Starasciuc <>
- New packaging
* Fri Jun 24 2011 Micah Warren <>
- Updated provider, url, and removed no longer needed enviroment variables.
* Thu Jan 27 2011 Douglas Hubler <>
- Initial release