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AMEEconnect Documentation (v3)

How to get started with ameeConnect

  • Sign up for API credentials at
  • Find the model for the activity you want to measure (i.e. transport, electricty, manufacturing processes) on
  • Read over the quickstart and docs to see how to make requests for the model you're using.

How to get help

  1. If there's anything that isn't clear about the API, the first place after the docs to go is the knowledge base there

  2. The next best place is either to ask on the developer mailing list if you have a question you would happily share publicly.

  3. Finally the question is more suited to private conversation, you can contact our support team directly at

Table of Contents


Quick Start

Get Emission Factors

Perform Calculations

Advanced Options

AMEEconnect API reference


Example Apps and Libraries

Other versions of this documentation

This is the documentation for AMEEconnect, API version 3, written in Markdown. For version 2 documentation, please check out the v2_maintenance branch. the v2_maintenance branch relies on docbook to generate html documentation.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.