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Serialised representations of AMEE datasets and methodologies
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Serialised representations of AMEE datasets and methodologies.

This repository contains serialised representations of the datasets and calculation methodologies available via the AMEE API.

Each dataset/methodology is described by a common set of files which contain the following information:

  • itemdef.csv - an abstract description of the components of the dataset (i.e. table columns) and methodology (inputs, outputs, return values)
  • data.csv - a table of data, usually describing specific scenarios relating to an emissions-producing activity
  • default.js - a javascript algorithm which describes the computation of some output (usually emissions) based on certain inputs and dataset data
  • return_values.csv - description of any calculation output values. In some cases this may be absent and only a single output is provided based upon the final evaluated statement in the default.js algorithm.
  • documentation.creole - text file contain a written description of the dataset/methodology and which appears in
  • meta.yml - metadata for the dataset/methodology include source information, annotations and tags
  • changelog.yml - a description of changes made


© Copyright 2012 AMEE.

Licensed under the MIT license (See COPYING file for details)

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