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FROM jimschubert/8-jdk-alpine-mvn:1.0
RUN set -x && \
apk add --no-cache bash
ENV GEN_DIR /opt/openapi-generator
VOLUME ${MAVEN_HOME}/.m2/repository
# Required from a licensing standpoint
# Required to compile openapi-generator
COPY ./google_checkstyle.xml ${GEN_DIR}
# Modules are copied individually here to allow for caching of docker layers between major.minor versions
COPY ./modules/openapi-generator-gradle-plugin ${GEN_DIR}/modules/openapi-generator-gradle-plugin
COPY ./modules/openapi-generator-maven-plugin ${GEN_DIR}/modules/openapi-generator-maven-plugin
COPY ./modules/openapi-generator-online ${GEN_DIR}/modules/openapi-generator-online
COPY ./modules/openapi-generator-cli ${GEN_DIR}/modules/openapi-generator-cli
COPY ./modules/openapi-generator ${GEN_DIR}/modules/openapi-generator
COPY ./pom.xml ${GEN_DIR}
# Pre-compile openapi-generator-cli
RUN mvn -am -pl "modules/openapi-generator-cli" package
# This exists at the end of the file to benefit from cached layers when modifying
COPY /usr/local/bin/
CMD ["help"]