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* add custom gson deserializer

* add check for additional fields, required fields

* add tests for custom deserializer

* add custom adapter

* add custom adapter

* register type adapter factory

* comment out custom deserializer and use adapter instead

* add okhttp-gson-nextgen

* add new files

* restore okhttp-gson

* switch to adapter

* remove custom de/serializer

* add comment

* update tests

* test nextgen in ci

* update doc

* use full model name in

* undo changes

* add oneof discriminator support

* fix anyOf

* remove mappings

* add more tests

* fix oneof deserialization, add more tests

* add error body and type to api exception class

* JSON to use instance variables/methods

* Revert "add error body and type to api exception class"

This reverts commit 07f34e2.
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Config Options for java

These options may be applied as additional-properties (cli) or configOptions (plugins). Refer to configuration docs for more details.

Option Description Values Default
additionalEnumTypeAnnotations Additional annotations for enum type(class level annotations) null
additionalModelTypeAnnotations Additional annotations for model type(class level annotations). List separated by semicolon(;) or new line (Linux or Windows) null
allowUnicodeIdentifiers boolean, toggles whether unicode identifiers are allowed in names or not, default is false false
apiPackage package for generated api classes org.openapitools.client.api
artifactDescription artifact description in generated pom.xml OpenAPI Java
artifactId artifactId in generated pom.xml. This also becomes part of the generated library's filename openapi-java-client
artifactUrl artifact URL in generated pom.xml
artifactVersion artifact version in generated pom.xml. This also becomes part of the generated library's filename 1.0.0
asyncNative If true, async handlers will be used, instead of the sync version false
bigDecimalAsString Treat BigDecimal values as Strings to avoid precision loss. false
booleanGetterPrefix Set booleanGetterPrefix get
caseInsensitiveResponseHeaders Make API response's headers case-insensitive. Available on okhttp-gson, jersey2 libraries false
configKey Config key in @RegisterRestClient. Default to none. Only microprofile supports this option. null
dateLibrary Option. Date library to use
Joda (for legacy app only)
Legacy java.util.Date (if you really have a good reason not to use threetenbp
Java 8 using LocalDateTime (for legacy app only)
Java 8 native JSR310 (preferred for jdk 1.8+) - note: this also sets "java8" to true
Backport of JSR310 (preferred for jdk < 1.8)
developerEmail developer email in generated pom.xml
developerName developer name in generated pom.xml OpenAPI-Generator Contributors
developerOrganization developer organization in generated pom.xml
developerOrganizationUrl developer organization URL in generated pom.xml
disableHtmlEscaping Disable HTML escaping of JSON strings when using gson (needed to avoid problems with byte[] fields) false
disallowAdditionalPropertiesIfNotPresent If false, the 'additionalProperties' implementation (set to true by default) is compliant with the OAS and JSON schema specifications. If true (default), keep the old (incorrect) behaviour that 'additionalProperties' is set to false by default.
The 'additionalProperties' implementation is compliant with the OAS and JSON schema specifications.
Keep the old (incorrect) behaviour that 'additionalProperties' is set to false by default.
discriminatorCaseSensitive Whether the discriminator value lookup should be case-sensitive or not. This option only works for Java API client true
dynamicOperations Generate operations dynamically at runtime from an OAS false
ensureUniqueParams Whether to ensure parameter names are unique in an operation (rename parameters that are not). true
fullJavaUtil whether to use fully qualified name for classes under java.util. This option only works for Java API client false
gradleProperties Append additional Gradle proeprties to the file null
groupId groupId in generated pom.xml org.openapitools
hideGenerationTimestamp Hides the generation timestamp when files are generated. false
ignoreAnyOfInEnum Ignore anyOf keyword in enum false
invokerPackage root package for generated code org.openapitools.client
java8 Use Java8 classes instead of third party equivalents. Starting in 5.x, JDK8 is the default and the support for JDK7, JDK6 has been dropped
Use Java 8 classes such as Base64
Various third party libraries as needed
legacyDiscriminatorBehavior Set to false for generators with better support for discriminators. (Python, Java, Go, PowerShell, C#have this enabled by default).
The mapping in the discriminator includes descendent schemas that allOf inherit from self and the discriminator mapping schemas in the OAS document.
The mapping in the discriminator includes any descendent schemas that allOf inherit from self, any oneOf schemas, any anyOf schemas, any x-discriminator-values, and the discriminator mapping schemas in the OAS document AND Codegen validates that oneOf and anyOf schemas contain the required discriminator and throws an error if the discriminator is missing.
library library template (sub-template) to use
HTTP client: Jersey client 1.19.x. JSON processing: Jackson 2.9.x. Enable gzip request encoding using '-DuseGzipFeature=true'. IMPORTANT NOTE: jersey 1.x is no longer actively maintained so please upgrade to 'jersey2' or other HTTP libraries instead.
HTTP client: Jersey client 2.25.1. JSON processing: Jackson 2.9.x
HTTP client: OpenFeign 10.x. JSON processing: Jackson 2.9.x.
[DEFAULT] HTTP client: OkHttp 3.x. JSON processing: Gson 2.8.x. Enable Parcelable models on Android using '-DparcelableModel=true'. Enable gzip request encoding using '-DuseGzipFeature=true'.
HTTP client: OkHttp 3.x. JSON processing: Gson 2.8.x.'. Better support for oneOf/anyOf with breaking changes. Will replace okhttp-gson in the 6.0.0 release.
HTTP client: OkHttp 3.x. JSON processing: Gson 2.x (Retrofit 2.3.0). Enable the RxJava adapter using '-DuseRxJava[2/3]=true'. (RxJava 1.x or 2.x or 3.x)
HTTP client: Spring RestTemplate 4.x. JSON processing: Jackson 2.9.x
HTTP client: Spring WebClient 5.x. JSON processing: Jackson 2.9.x
HTTP client: Resteasy client 3.x. JSON processing: Jackson 2.9.x
HTTP client: VertX client 3.x. JSON processing: Jackson 2.9.x
HTTP client: Google API client 1.x. JSON processing: Jackson 2.9.x
HTTP client: rest-assured : 4.x. JSON processing: Gson 2.x or Jackson 2.10.x. Only for Java 8
HTTP client: Java native HttpClient. JSON processing: Jackson 2.9.x. Only for Java11+
HTTP client: Microprofile client 1.x. JSON processing: JSON-B
HTTP client: Apache httpclient 4.x
licenseName The name of the license Unlicense
licenseUrl The URL of the license
microprofileFramework Framework for microprofile. Possible values "kumuluzee" null
modelPackage package for generated models org.openapitools.client.model
openApiNullable Enable OpenAPI Jackson Nullable library true
parcelableModel Whether to generate models for Android that implement Parcelable with the okhttp-gson library. false
parentArtifactId parent artifactId in generated pom N.B. parentGroupId, parentArtifactId and parentVersion must all be specified for any of them to take effect null
parentGroupId parent groupId in generated pom N.B. parentGroupId, parentArtifactId and parentVersion must all be specified for any of them to take effect null
parentVersion parent version in generated pom N.B. parentGroupId, parentArtifactId and parentVersion must all be specified for any of them to take effect null
performBeanValidation Perform BeanValidation false
playVersion Version of Play! Framework (possible values "play24" (Deprecated), "play25" (Deprecated), "play26" (Default)) null
prependFormOrBodyParameters Add form or body parameters to the beginning of the parameter list. false
scmConnection SCM connection in generated pom.xml
scmDeveloperConnection SCM developer connection in generated pom.xml
scmUrl SCM URL in generated pom.xml
serializableModel boolean - toggle "implements Serializable" for generated models false
serializationLibrary Serialization library, default depends on value of the option library
Use JSON-B as serialization library
Use Jackson as serialization library
Use Gson as serialization library
snapshotVersion Uses a SNAPSHOT version.
Use a SnapShot Version
Use a Release Version
sortModelPropertiesByRequiredFlag Sort model properties to place required parameters before optional parameters. true
sortParamsByRequiredFlag Sort method arguments to place required parameters before optional parameters. true
sourceFolder source folder for generated code src/main/java
supportStreaming Support streaming endpoint (beta) false
useAbstractionForFiles Use alternative types instead of to allow passing bytes without a file on disk. Available on resttemplate, webclient, libraries false
useBeanValidation Use BeanValidation API annotations false
useGzipFeature Send gzip-encoded requests false
usePlayWS Use Play! Async HTTP client (Play WS API) false
useReflectionEqualsHashCode Use org.apache.commons.lang3.builder for equals and hashCode in the models. WARNING: This will fail under a security manager, unless the appropriate permissions are set up correctly and also there's potential performance impact. false
useRuntimeException Use RuntimeException instead of Exception false
useRxJava Whether to use the RxJava adapter with the retrofit2 library. IMPORTANT: this option has been deprecated and will be removed in the 5.x release. false
useRxJava2 Whether to use the RxJava2 adapter with the retrofit2 library. false
useRxJava3 Whether to use the RxJava3 adapter with the retrofit2 library. false
withXml whether to include support for application/xml content type and include XML annotations in the model (works with libraries that provide support for JSON and XML) false


Type/Alias Imports
Array java.util.List
ArrayList java.util.ArrayList
BigDecimal java.math.BigDecimal
Date java.util.Date
DateTime org.joda.time.*
HashMap java.util.HashMap
LinkedHashSet java.util.LinkedHashSet
List java.util.*
LocalDate org.joda.time.*
LocalDateTime org.joda.time.*
LocalTime org.joda.time.*
Map java.util.Map
Set java.util.*
Timestamp java.sql.Timestamp
UUID java.util.UUID


Type/Alias Instantiated By
array ArrayList
map HashMap
set LinkedHashSet


  • Boolean
  • Double
  • Float
  • Integer
  • Long
  • Object
  • String
  • boolean
  • byte[]


  • abstract
  • apiclient
  • apiexception
  • apiresponse
  • assert
  • boolean
  • break
  • byte
  • case
  • catch
  • char
  • class
  • configuration
  • const
  • continue
  • default
  • do
  • double
  • else
  • enum
  • extends
  • final
  • finally
  • float
  • for
  • goto
  • if
  • implements
  • import
  • instanceof
  • int
  • interface
  • localreturntype
  • localvaraccept
  • localvaraccepts
  • localvarauthnames
  • localvarcollectionqueryparams
  • localvarcontenttype
  • localvarcontenttypes
  • localvarcookieparams
  • localvarformparams
  • localvarheaderparams
  • localvarpath
  • localvarpostbody
  • localvarqueryparams
  • long
  • native
  • new
  • null
  • object
  • package
  • private
  • protected
  • public
  • return
  • short
  • static
  • strictfp
  • stringutil
  • super
  • switch
  • synchronized
  • this
  • throw
  • throws
  • transient
  • try
  • void
  • volatile
  • while


Client Modification Feature

Name Supported Defined By
BasePath ToolingExtension
Authorizations ToolingExtension
UserAgent ToolingExtension
MockServer ToolingExtension

Data Type Feature

Name Supported Defined By
Custom OAS2,OAS3
Int32 OAS2,OAS3
Int64 OAS2,OAS3
Float OAS2,OAS3
Double OAS2,OAS3
Decimal ToolingExtension
String OAS2,OAS3
Byte OAS2,OAS3
Binary OAS2,OAS3
Boolean OAS2,OAS3
Date OAS2,OAS3
DateTime OAS2,OAS3
Password OAS2,OAS3
File OAS2
Array OAS2,OAS3
Maps ToolingExtension
CollectionFormat OAS2
CollectionFormatMulti OAS2
Enum OAS2,OAS3
ArrayOfEnum ToolingExtension
ArrayOfModel ToolingExtension
ArrayOfCollectionOfPrimitives ToolingExtension
ArrayOfCollectionOfModel ToolingExtension
ArrayOfCollectionOfEnum ToolingExtension
MapOfEnum ToolingExtension
MapOfModel ToolingExtension
MapOfCollectionOfPrimitives ToolingExtension
MapOfCollectionOfModel ToolingExtension
MapOfCollectionOfEnum ToolingExtension

Documentation Feature

Name Supported Defined By
Readme ToolingExtension
Model ToolingExtension
Api ToolingExtension

Global Feature

Name Supported Defined By
Host OAS2,OAS3
BasePath OAS2,OAS3
Info OAS2,OAS3
Schemes OAS2,OAS3
PartialSchemes OAS2,OAS3
Consumes OAS2
Produces OAS2
ExternalDocumentation OAS2,OAS3
Examples OAS2,OAS3
XMLStructureDefinitions OAS2,OAS3
MultiServer OAS3
ParameterizedServer OAS3
ParameterStyling OAS3
Callbacks OAS3
LinkObjects OAS3

Parameter Feature

Name Supported Defined By
Path OAS2,OAS3
Query OAS2,OAS3
Header OAS2,OAS3
Body OAS2
FormUnencoded OAS2
FormMultipart OAS2
Cookie OAS3

Schema Support Feature

Name Supported Defined By
Simple OAS2,OAS3
Composite OAS2,OAS3
Polymorphism OAS2,OAS3
Union OAS3

Security Feature

Name Supported Defined By
BasicAuth OAS2,OAS3
ApiKey OAS2,OAS3
OpenIDConnect OAS3
BearerToken OAS3
OAuth2_Implicit OAS2,OAS3
OAuth2_Password OAS2,OAS3
OAuth2_ClientCredentials OAS2,OAS3
OAuth2_AuthorizationCode OAS2,OAS3

Wire Format Feature

Name Supported Defined By
PROTOBUF ToolingExtension
Custom OAS2,OAS3