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A Maven plugin to support the OpenAPI generator project


Add to your build->plugins section (default phase is generate-sources phase)


Followed by:

mvn clean compile

General Configuration parameters

💡 These general configurations should be in the same level

  • inputSpec - OpenAPI Spec file path
  • validateSpec - Whether or not to validate the input spec prior to generation. Invalid specifications will result in an error.
  • language - target generation language (deprecated, replaced by generatorName as values here don't represent only 'language' any longer)
  • generatorName - target generator name
  • output - target output path (default is ${}/generated-sources/swagger)
  • templateDirectory - directory with mustache templates
  • addCompileSourceRoot - add the output directory to the project as a source root (true by default)
  • modelPackage - the package to use for generated model objects/classes
  • apiPackage - the package to use for generated api objects/classes
  • invokerPackage - the package to use for the generated invoker objects
  • modelNamePrefix and modelNameSuffix - Sets the pre- or suffix for model classes and enums
  • withXml - enable XML annotations inside the generated models and API (only works with Java language and libraries that provide support for JSON and XML)
  • configOptions - a map of language-specific parameters. To show a full list of generator-specified parameters (options), please use configHelp (explained below)
  • configHelp - dumps the configuration help for the specified library (generates no sources)
  • ignoreFileOverride - specifies the full path to a .openapi-generator-ignore used for pattern based overrides of generated outputs
  • generateApis - generate the apis (true by default)
  • generateApiTests - generate the api tests (true by default. Only available if generateApis is true)
  • generateApiDocumentation - generate the api documentation (true by default. Only available if generateApis is true)
  • generateModels - generate the models (true by default)
  • modelsToGenerate - A comma separated list of models to generate. All models is the default.
  • generateModelTests - generate the model tests (true by default. Only available if generateModels is true)
  • generateModelDocumentation - generate the model documentation (true by default. Only available if generateModels is true)
  • generateSupportingFiles - generate the supporting files (true by default)
  • supportingFilesToGenerate - A comma separated list of supporting files to generate. All files is the default.
  • skip - skip code generation (false by default. Can also be set globally through the codegen.skip property)

Custom Generator

Specifying a custom generator is a bit different. It doesn't support the classpath:/ syntax, but it does support the fully qualified name of the package. You can also specify your custom templates, which also get pulled in. Notice the dependency on a project, in the plugin scope. That would be your generator/template jar.

                <!-- language file, like e.g. JavaJaxRSCodegen -->



Sample configuration

Please see an example configuration for using the plugin. To run these examples, explicitly pass the file to maven. Example:

mvn -f non-java.xml compile