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[docker] Fixes hub dockerfile for online project (#914)

An update was made in #876 to remove version from the generated artifact
for openapi-generator-online. The change is missing the -online suffix.
My original glob pattern put the * in the wrong place for
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jimschubert committed Aug 28, 2018
1 parent a1205f6 commit 2544ace26213d80b1b2865bfb16ec8df528c1b65
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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ RUN mkdir -p ${TARGET_DIR}
COPY --from=builder ${GEN_DIR}/modules/openapi-generator-online/target/openapi-generator.jar ${TARGET_DIR}/openapi-generator-online.jar
COPY --from=builder ${GEN_DIR}/modules/openapi-generator-online/target/openapi-generator-online.jar ${TARGET_DIR}/openapi-generator-online.jar
ENV GENERATOR_HOST=http://localhost

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