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Add extra modules to main dockerfile (#650)

So that the mvn build is successful
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bjgill authored and wing328 committed Jul 28, 2018
1 parent 0b88889 commit 3c3ac0a071b95c63adaaadae373036db4d545d8d
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@@ -14,8 +14,9 @@ COPY ./LICENSE ${GEN_DIR}
COPY ./google_checkstyle.xml ${GEN_DIR}

# Modules are copied individually here to allow for caching of docker layers between major.minor versions
# NOTE: openapi-generator-online is not included here
COPY ./modules/openapi-generator-gradle-plugin ${GEN_DIR}/modules/openapi-generator-gradle-plugin
COPY ./modules/openapi-generator-maven-plugin ${GEN_DIR}/modules/openapi-generator-maven-plugin
COPY ./modules/openapi-generator-online ${GEN_DIR}/modules/openapi-generator-online
COPY ./modules/openapi-generator-cli ${GEN_DIR}/modules/openapi-generator-cli
COPY ./modules/openapi-generator ${GEN_DIR}/modules/openapi-generator
COPY ./pom.xml ${GEN_DIR}

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