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OpenAPI petstore

This is an implementation of the OpenAPI pet store based on Spring-Boot.


Start your server as a simple Spring-Boot application

mvn spring-boot:run

Or package it then run it as a Java application

mvn package
java -jar target/openapi-petstore-{VERSION}.jar

You can view the api documentation in swagger-ui by pointing to


To start the server via docker, please run the following commands:

docker pull openapitools/openapi-petstore
docker run -d -e OPENAPI_BASE_PATH=/v3 -p 80:8080 openapitools/openapi-petstore



API key

Use special-key for endpoints protected by the API key


By default the server supports the implicit and the password flow (even though only the implicit flow is described in the OAI spec) The default credentials are:

  • client-id: sample-client-id
  • client-secret: secret
  • username: user
  • password: user


Spring parameters in

  • Server port : server.port (default=8080)
  • API base path : openapi.openAPIPetstore.base-path (default=/v3). In the docker image the base path can also be set with the OPENAPI_BASE_PATH environment variable.

Environment variables:

  • DISABLE_API_KEY : if set to "1", the server will not check the api key for the relevant endpoints.
  • DISABLE_OAUTH : if set to "1", the server will not check for an OAuth2 access token.


Apache 2.0 License