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OpenAWE - Open Implementation of the Alan Wake Engine

OpenAWE Build Gitter

OpenAWE is an open source reimplementation of Remedy Entertainments Alan Wake Engine, in later iterations known, as the Northlight Engine. The main goal is to have Alan Wake and its successor Alan Wakes American Nightmare working in a portable manner. The secondary goal is to also allow the successor games, Quantum Break and probably even Control working with the same technical foundation. The code stands under the GPL-3.0-or-later License except for the libraries contained the folder 3rdparty.


Make sure to not include the $ when running these. It signifies that the commands should be run as your user, not root. Commands that should be run as root (with sudo) are marked with a #.

$ git clone --recurse-submodules
$ cd OpenAWE
$ mkdir build
$ cd build

The development files of the following dependencies need to be installed to build OpenAWE. The way these are acquired varies depending on your operating system (and in the case of Linux, distribution):

  • ZLIB
  • GLFW
  • GLEW
  • GLM
  • TinyXML2
  • OpenGL
  • OpenAL
  • Bullet
  • FMT
  • Ogg
  • Theora
  • Vorbis
  • GTest (Optional, only for unit tests)
  • spdlog

The following dependencies can either come from your system or you can use them through the git submodules. Assuming you cloned the repository with --recurse-submodules as instructed above you will have these available through git submodules already:

  • EnTT
  • CLI11

To use these from your system instead of the submodule you can set USE_SYSTEM_ENTT and USE_SYSTEM_CLI11, respectively.

In addition to these library dependencies, OpenAWE requires the glslc compiler to be installed for building the permutations of the glsl shaders.

Next step is to configure CMake and build. The cmake invocation will fail if you don't have all aforementioned dependencies configured on your system. This can be useful to check if you've installed everything as it tells you what it didn't find:

$ cmake ..
$ make

Assuming these steps went well, you should now have built OpenAWE.

You can then optionally install OpenAWE like so:

$ sudo make install


To run OpenAWE, do something like this. Note that you need to replace the path with the actual path to your Alan Wake installation's data directory and the path to the compiled shaders which are built during the compilation.

$ ./awe -p /path/to/the/alan/wake/data/directory -s /path/to/the/compiled/shaders


OpenAWE features a free camera that can be controlled with keyboard and mouse. Current mappings stand as follows:

# Movement
- [WASD] to move forwards/backwards/left/right
- [RF] to move up/down
- [TG] to increase/decrease movement speed
# Camera
- [←→↑↓] to look left/right/up/down
- [YH] to increase/decrease camera speed
- [Q] to switch between controlling camera with keyboard and mouse
- [Alt] + [L] to show or hide the mouse cursor 


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