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Foam Farm Activity

Inspired by the work being done on Food Computers, the Foam Farm is an activity for students to learn about some of the ideas central to #foodcomputing. In this activity, students build a miniature hydroponic farm out of foam! All tools and materials in this activity are widely available and easily acquired by purchasing them from either Amazon or Home Depot. All prep work required to perform this activity with a group of students is designed to be user friendly and does not require a technical background.

The pilot for this activity was designed by the OpenAg @ MIT team and tested on 36 high school students participating in a National Geographic Student Expeditions program. Over the course of two days, the students divided into 6 teams of 6 where each team built and personalized their own Foam Farm. This activity was an enjoyable and educational experience for both the students and instructors so all materials required to replicate this activity are contained in this repository.

These materials provide a great starting point for instructors who want to perform the Foam Farm Activity with their students, however the pilot materials were all developed very rapidly, in a hackathon-styled weekend, so there is plenty of room for improvements to be made.

As the OpenAg team is still quite small (but growing! :p), improving and iterating upon this activity will be a responsibility given entirely to the community. So, if you are an instructor or a student who is passionate about cultivating #futurefood education, please get involved!

After running the pilot for this activity, the OpenAg @ MIT team received many ideas and suggestions on how to improve this activity. All of these suggestions can be found as "GitHub Issues"