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This repository contains many resources for constructing a Personal Food Computer v2 (beta)


Build Instructions

For many more photos and step by step build instructions, check out

List of Resources

Resources included in this repository:

  • Instructions: How to build a PFC2
  • Build Video: Video Walkthrough on the build. Good visual cues.
  • Master Bill of Materials: Tabbed spreadsheet of components needed to build the PFC2
    • Ordering BOM: Components you will need to order from suppliers
    • Kit BOM: Components included in the PFC2 kit [NOTE: The kits are not available yet]
    • WIR-HAR-PCK-*: Wiring harness component pack details
    • FAS-PCK-0001: Fastener component pack details (The sheet with baggie number information on it)
    • STR-FOM-PCK-0001: Sealing foam component pack details
    • STR-PNL-PCK-*: Panel and sticker component pack details
    • STR-BAR-PCK-0001: Bar component pack details
    • Raw Materials: Stock materials including aluminum bar, acrylic and HDPE panels, insulation, foam, etc. that can be used to make many of the components in the STR-BAR-*, STR-PNL-*, STR-FOM-*, and STR-INS-* component packs
  • Sub Assembly Bill of Materials: Tabbed spreadsheet of details on the sub assembly components
    • Temperature Control Assembly: Heating element, fan, and PC water cooling radiator
    • Chiller Assembly: Fan, mounting plate, and PC water cooling chiller
    • Peristaltic Pumps: Nutrient and pH solution pumps and pump mounting panel
    • Power Module: Power entry module, power switch, and DC power supplies
    • Light Manifold: LEDs, camera, and mounting panel
    • Water Manifold: Sensors, panels, pump, filter, etc.
    • Brain Manifold: Signal board, Raspberry Pi Model 3, Arduino Mega, etc.
  • Solidworks CAD Model: Comprehensive view of where parts belong in the computer
  • Drawings: Documentation for machining parts or sending to a contract machinist
  • DXF Files: File format used for laser cutting parts
  • Wire Harnesses: Bill of Materials and instructions for creating the wire harnesses
  • Wiring Reference: Reference when wiring up the device
  • Connectorization: Bill of Materials and instructions for attaching connectors to the chiller, fans, pumps, LEDs, etc.


For 3D model Access, Go to for a free & legitmate CAD document viewing software.


Solidworks Model & Documentation for PFC2.0 Beta



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