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Mothballed Standalone AoE Driver

This repository contains the standalone, source-only distribution of the aoe driver. Current Linux kernels contain an aoe driver v85 or greater, and that in-kernel aoe driver has all the features of this one (and possibly more).

The standalone driver was useful when more experimental features were being developed and when the popular Linux distributions lacked an up-to-date aoe driver. Today the distro kernels have caught up, and after installing the aoetools, you can use the aoe driver in your distro's kernel after doing modprobe aoe.

Using your own aoe driver is the recommended way. As the upstream kernel changes, this standalone driver will become difficult to use without repeated additions to the compatibility system under conf/. The 4.8.x kernel and greater are not supported.

We hope to include documentation here helping with tips on how to modify the aoe drivers inside the most popular Linux distributions by using their kernel source packages.

Meanwhile, the old README is still here as for the adventurous.