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#pragma once
#include "framework/modinfo.h"
#include "library/sp.h"
#include "library/strings.h"
#include "library/vec.h"
#include <functional>
#include <future>
namespace OpenApoc
class Shader;
class GameCore;
class FrameworkPrivate;
class ApocCursor;
class Event;
class Image;
class Data;
class Renderer;
class SoundBackend;
class JukeBox;
class StageCmd;
class Stage;
class RGBImage;
class Framework
up<FrameworkPrivate> p;
UString programName;
bool createWindow;
void audioInitialise();
void audioShutdown();
static Framework *instance;
up<ApocCursor> cursor;
std::list<StageCmd> stageCommands;
std::unique_ptr<Data> data;
std::unique_ptr<Renderer> renderer;
std::unique_ptr<SoundBackend> soundBackend;
std::unique_ptr<JukeBox> jukebox;
Framework(const UString programName, bool createWindow = true);
static Framework &getInstance();
static Framework *tryGetInstance();
void run(sp<Stage> initialStage);
void processEvents();
/* PushEvent() take ownership of the Event, and will delete it after use*/
void pushEvent(up<Event> e);
void pushEvent(Event *e);
void translateSdlEvents();
void shutdownFramework();
bool isShuttingDown();
void displayInitialise();
void displayShutdown();
int displayGetWidth();
int displayGetHeight();
Vec2<int> displayGetSize();
void displaySetTitle(UString NewTitle);
void displaySetIcon(sp<RGBImage> icon);
bool displayHasWindow() const;
void *getWindowHandle() const;
bool isSlowMode();
void setSlowMode(bool SlowEnabled);
sp<Stage> stageGetCurrent();
sp<Stage> stageGetPrevious();
sp<Stage> stageGetPrevious(sp<Stage> From);
void stageQueueCommand(const StageCmd &cmd);
ApocCursor &getCursor();
void textStartInput();
void textStopInput();
void toolTipStartTimer(up<Event> e);
void toolTipStopTimer();
void toolTipTimerCallback(unsigned int interval, void *data);
void showToolTip(sp<Image> image, const Vec2<int> &position);
UString textGetClipboard();
void threadPoolTaskEnqueue(std::function<void()> task);
// add new work item to the pool
template <class F, class... Args>
auto threadPoolEnqueue(F &&f, Args &&... args)
-> std::shared_future<typename std::result_of<F(Args...)>::type>
using return_type = typename std::result_of<F(Args...)>::type;
auto task = std::make_shared<std::packaged_task<return_type()>>(
std::bind(std::forward<F>(f), std::forward<Args>(args)...));
std::shared_future<return_type> res = task->get_future().share();
this->threadPoolTaskEnqueue([task, res]() {
// Without a future.get() any exceptions are dropped on the floor
return res;
UString getDataDir() const;
UString getCDPath() const;
void setupModDataPaths();
static inline Framework &fw() { return Framework::getInstance(); }
}; // namespace OpenApoc
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