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Disable 64bit file offsets on macos, as it fails to link

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JonnyH committed Sep 6, 2018
1 parent 7471c86 commit faeb39b90678265b8d0ea87d0c717f9187009293
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@@ -47,7 +47,11 @@ add_library(OpenApoc_Miniz STATIC ${MINIZ_SOURCE_FILES})
target_compile_definitions(OpenApoc_Miniz PUBLIC MINIZ_NO_TIME)
# We probably don't support any platforms without the 64-bit offset file
# ioctls
target_compile_definitions(OpenApoc_Miniz PUBLIC _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE=1)
# But macos fails to link with this enabled... so guess we can never read >4gb
# files there?
target_compile_definitions(OpenApoc_Miniz PUBLIC _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE=1)
target_include_directories(OpenApoc_Miniz PUBLIC ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR})
target_include_directories(OpenApoc_Miniz PRIVATE

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