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OpenArena Server Administration


Beginning in OAX Beta 40, OpenArena employs a server administration system designed to empower *Server Operators* and *Clans* in managing gameplay on their servers. Several key features are:

  • RCON-less commands. (No need to worry about your RCON password out in the wild!)
  • IP and GUID based Player Kicking/Banning
  • Admin Name Protection
  • Customizable Admin Levels (Up to 32 different levels)
  • Customizable Server Commands
  • Player Spam Protection (Chat, Voice Chat, and Name Changes)
  • Auditable Admin Logs
Server Operators and Clans who utilize the OpenArena admin system are not bound by a "one size fits all" environment. They have the flexibility to make their server's gameplay experience as unique as they want, and as best as they know how.


The documentation is split up into different sections navigable by the links below:

All the pages are accessible through the menu on the right
Bugs/Questions: Please visit the OpenArena forums here. Be sure to post your issues under the "Technical Snafus" section (in english please.) BE SURE YOU HAVE READ THIS DOCUMENTATION THOROUGHLY THOUGH FIRST.
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